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Mr. Jubeir is the founder and Managing Partner of New Horizons Venture Capital. Capitalizing on his experience in structuring and negotiating highly complex cross-border transactions, he raised the necessary capital to launch first the leveraged buy-out firm Capitol Partners in 1997 and, then in 1999, the technology-focused, early-stage investment firm New Horizons Venture Capital. He founded both firms, each of which he is the Managing Partner.

Mr. Jubeir is currently the Chairman of the Boards of US CareNet, NavCare, and CS Indemnity. He had been an active member on the Board of Directors of several other high-tech firms as well as the Entrepreneurs' Organization's Washington, DC chapter and YPO's Washington, DC/Baltimore chapter. Mr. Jubeir serves on the Executive, Compensation, Finance, and Audit Committees.

Mr. Jubeir's professional background has focused on finance, including structuring and negotiating complex finance transactions as well as advising on and negotiating mergers and acquisitions primarily in emerging markets. As an Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), he structured limited-recourse project finance transactions in politico-economically challenged emerging markets. He additionally advised on and negotiated mergers and acquisitions by existing IFC clients.

Prior to joining the IFC, Mr. Jubeir was an Advisor in the Office of the Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. He consulted and participated in high-level decision-making, including Saudi Arabia's expansive refinery investment project to upgrade and integrate seven refineries to better meet customer needs within the domestic market and more effectively compete within the international market. In addition, Mr. Jubeir was selected to negotiate, on behalf of the country, the multilateral Convention on Climate Change as well as the Protection of the Atmosphere Chapter of Agenda 21, both in preparation for Earth Summit.

Previously, Mr. Jubeir was a strategy consultant for both Bain & Company, Inc. and Booz·Allen & Hamilton, Inc., where he focused on strategy, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions in the technology, aerospace/defense, retail, and extractives industries. His work at Bain & Company earned him the Extraordinary Team Contribution in the Area of Value Addition Award.

Mr. Jubeir has a Masters in Business Administration, with an emphasis on strategy, operations, and finance, which he earned with honors from the Harvard Business School. He also has a Master of Science in Engineering-Economic Systems, with an emphasis on decision-making analysis, strategic planning, and economic analysis, from Stanford University. Mr. Jubeir also received his Bachelor of Arts with Departmental Honors and University Distinction in Quantitative Economics from Stanford University, where he was inducted into the honorary society of Phi Beta Kappa.